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Card Catalog is a Boulder-based band that has been playing around Colorado (and beyond) for 10 years. We're mostly in the 90s alt-rock space but cover a lot of ground stylistically and put on a high-energy show.

Card Catalog’s raw, eclectic, and energetic performances mix the impassioned grit of 90s rock with deft, playful musicality. True to its name, the band holds a little of everything, weaving across genres—sometimes with a rageful cry, sometimes with a grin, but always with power. Founded in 2013, Colorado-based Card Catalog pulls listeners to their feet with story-driven music, tangible on-stage chemistry, and the allure of authentic expression.


"Originating in Lafayette, Colorado, the members have begun to gain a following around the Front Range as a result of their raw, eclectic and energetic live shows. “Part bluesy swagger, part folkie murmur, part full-on rock rage, Card Catalog serves up a spiky alternative” - Boulder Magazine

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